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the power

of story

" Business is all about persuasion, and the key to the heart is story "

Leo Loh, Chief Storyteller

Your presentation will make or break your pitch!

Powerpoint presentations have their place in business presentations, but if your objective is to wow your audience, they just won’t cut it in the era of social media. With a visually oriented audience, video has become the most effective communication medium in the digital economy. 


By presenting your story and ideas in a compelling way, a professionally produced video driven by a strong communication strategy will wow your audience and get you the desired results.


Bits and Pixels is proud to be associated with EY Malaysia since 2002 as the official production house and sponsor for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards programme

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the power of video - a synergy of moving pictures, music, sound effects, narration and 2D/3D graphics. Video is so powerful because it engages multiple senses of the viewers. It touches them emotionally through interviews, testimonials and storytelling. 


Storytelling is key to audience and customer engagement, and none is as powerful as Video or Film as a storytelling medium. 


There is no better time to leverage video to engage your target audience in all areas of business activities which include : 

  • Corporate Video

  • Brand and Product Marketing

  • Sales and Customer Support

  • Employee Training and Communications

  • Investor relations​

You're one step away from high impact, professional and affordable video production

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